Service Beyond the Extraordinary

Service should be expected from a professional REALTOR® but it takes a dedicated “partner” to deliver. You can rely on Brandon Dick to be your trusted partner in all your real estate transactions. With a down to earth style and track record of extraordinary customer service, Brandon understands the importance of staying in touch, responding to all communications quickly, and keeping you aware of any changes in the market that may affect the sale or purchase of your home. 

 Your goals are Brandon’s goals. Whether getting your home sold on your terms and in your time frame, or finding the perfect home that fits your lifestyle, your needs come first with Brandon. Having spent over a decade as a provider of premier home heating and cooling systems, Brandon not only understands the important of customer service, but has a firm grasp on the many elements that make up a home’s value. When negotiating on behalf of his buyer or seller, Brandon, has the knowledge and skill to see beyond brick and mortar and generate the most profitable and life enhancing results for his clients.

The West Valley is home to Brandon, his wife, and two young daughters. He loves the area and finds nothing more enjoyable than a backyard barbecue with his family and friends. His enthusiasm for the area’s lifestyle and real estate is the driving force behind his success. Whether representing buyers or sellers, Brandon excels in communication, area knowledge and genuine client support.

For a real estate partner offering Service Beyond the Extraordinary, contact Brandon Dick. You’ll appreciate his knowledge, responsiveness, and most importantly his skill at delivering the results you require. 

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